Pure BulkTM

High Energy Muscle Gainer

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Protein BCAA Creatine
Grams per serve 47.3 9.58 3
Nutrition Information


  • High Protein/High Carb blend while being low in fat
  • Designed to promote massive muscle growth
  • Added Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • 3g Creatine AKG Enhanced – Muscle Strength / Muscle Growth
  • Added Black Currant Extract – Rich in anti-oxidents (vitamin C)
  • Energy rich carbs maltodextrin providing a muscle sparing energy source
  • Maltodextron is Ideal for pre/post workout, replenishing glycogen levels enhancing protein uptake into muscles
  • Steady release of essential amino acids into bloodstream
  • Enhance positive nitrogen balance for bulk muscle growth
  • Full continuum of essential & non essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals


To facilitate rapid muscle gain the body needs extra calories. Not supplying the body with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates will make the body use protein as fuel inhibiting muscle growth. Supplying extra calories from carbs spares protein for building muscle and this muscle sparing energy source Pure Bulk provides, will maintain a positive protein nitrogen balance ensuring the body stays in an anabolic state to accelerate muscle growth.

The high carb high protein synergistic blend in Pure Bulk is designed to shift your muscles into anabolic overdrive! Consisting of energy rich carbohydrates maltodextrin which is renowned for its high calorie energy boost, along with medium and sustained release proteins. This supplies a steady release of essential amino acids into the bloodstream keeping you in a positive nitrogen muscle building state!

We knew we needed more than just whey protein and carbs so we amped it up with 9580mg of BCAA’s per serve - the building blocks of muscle development! With 4300mg of L-Leucine - the most critical amino acid in metabolic pathways. Promoting protein synthesis and triggering insulin production and amino acid uptake switching your body into anabolic action! Explosive growth needs explosive strength so we’ve then added 3g of creatine AKG per serve, the catalyst behind ATP production and proven muscle builder.

Recommended Use

Pure Bulk is designed for all levels of bodybuilders and athletes wanting to increase calorie intake for muscle sparing energy and strength. Ideal for people who have trouble gaining weight (hard gainer) or younger athletes just starting out or who have trouble consuming enough calories to gain weight. By using Pure Bulk pre training your body will utilize carbohydrates for energy rather than protein, thus leaving protein for max bulk growth!

Consume 3 to 4 serves per day depending on your calorie and training goals.

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